How to boost your home’s kerb appeal

The exterior of your home is the first view that potential purchasers are going to get when searching for a new home, leaving a lasting impression on potential buyers. Here, Jessica Hughes looks at how factors such as lighting, windows and even rendering play a part in making your home look sale ready.

When looking to buy a house, many people will do a drive-by past a house before they book in with the estate agents to view it. This can leave a lasting impression and if your home is not in good condition and not presentable, it may put a potential purchaser off from booking a viewing. Here we look at some improvements you can make to assist with your home’s kerb appeal.


The addition of lights to your home can improve the aesthetic as well as security. Soffit lights and down lights are a great way of improving the appearance of the front of your home. The installation of lights can also be a security measure, motion sensor lights which come on when people are approaching the house can be an effective deterrent for burglars.

Windows and Doors

New windows and doors can be great for energy saving as well as improving the overall look of the property, if you have new windows and doors, they are more likely to retain heat within the house. Energy efficiency is something which has become an important topic with the current climate crisis and also rising energy costs.

A cheaper option could be to simply put a new coat of paint on your front door or have your window frames resprayed, improving the appearance. Choosing a new, possibly bold colour could also make your house stand out from the rest of the street.

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General Maintenance

Keeping your garden tidy can help improve the appearance, this may give the impression that a home is well maintained. You can de-weed the drive, front garden and path to the front door, put a fresh coat of paint on your fence and have your windows cleaned on a regular basis.


Taking care of your roof can be a good tip too. Roof repairs can be expensive, so if your roof is looking in disrepair, this may prevent potential purchasers being interested in your property. Having a roof that is not well maintained could give the impression that the rest of the home may have maintenance issues and be in disrepair.

Moss growth on a roof can cause damage overtime, so you should try and ensure your roof is clear from moss and have this removed by a professional if there are any signs of this growing. You can also replace damaged roof tiles to improve the appearance of your roof.


To keep your rendering looking fresh, this will need regular maintenance. You should try to clean the walls on a regular basis to prevent algae growth which will cause discolouration and fill in any cracks that appear overtime.


By Jessica Hughes